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Need help with going forward with Divorce... Help

I need help.. So it started a month after my daughter was born in 2007. After losing 2 children and having my daughter my husband left a month later, leaving me with all the bills, the house & a brand new baby. We have not been together since Dec 2007. I have raised my daughter by myself since and its been hard. I had to file bankruptcy but am still paying it all back so I didn't lose our home. I'm past the point of wanting the marriage to work and just want it over and done with! He has moved and involved with a woman who has two little children herself and has just started to be part of his own childs life. Child support never shows up and I work a full time job along with daycare I just can't afford much anymore. I need help finding someone that can help me get this divorce over and done with. I don't have any money and I am NOT on any kind of state Aid. I do this all by myself. I need to be able to move forward in life and get my life back. I am a strong person & a wonderful mom who loves her child so much. But I really would just like to get this done and over with. I have looked into every possible help offered here in Michigan but no one can seem to help me.. Please help me find someone that might be able to help me get this done. Thank you so much..

Re: Need help with going forward with Divorce... Help

I am sorry for all of this. You deserve your life back and strength to move forward and I am so proud of you for being an amazing mother and working and profiding for your family all by yourself. I am sure it is very difficult at times but you are a fighter and have suceeded! I am in CA but I also don't have the money to file so I went on a website today it was occourts.org which I am sure your state has so google for court access. They in turn referred me to Whittier Law School in Fullerton. The number is 800-978-4529 please call this number they are law students who help on cases which people cannot afford. They may either be able to help or direct you to a similar law school in your area that does the same service for free since the students are learning. I hope this helps! God Bless