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Re: Need help with going forward with Divorce... Help

I am sorry for all of this. You deserve your life back and strength to move forward and I am so proud of you for being an amazing mother and working and profiding for your family all by yourself. I am sure it is very difficult at times but you are a fighter and have suceeded! I am in CA but I also don't have the money to file so I went on a website today it was occourts.org which I am sure your state has so google for court access. They in turn referred me to Whittier Law School in Fullerton. The number is 800-978-4529 please call this number they are law students who help on cases which people cannot afford. They may either be able to help or direct you to a similar law school in your area that does the same service for free since the students are learning. I hope this helps! God Bless