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nasty divorce

I have been married for 13 years this last July. My husband and I seperated after 12. He is an alcoholic that would leave the kids all the time to go to drink. Or he would take them with him and drive them home drunk. (all while I worked)He had a gov. Job and made decent money working 4 days a week. In April after moving in with his gf and her four kids he caused a DUI accident injuring a 17 year old. My daughter is 17 and 8 hours before got into an arguement about his drinking and driving. He lost his Job, truck was totaled, and he is facing prison time. I filed for divorce in June and he is dragging it out. He charged on my credit card without permission 3500 and refuses to pay for it. He has not paid child support since January and we have mediation October 1. He says he wont sit there unless I agree to give him money??? We got 10800 for the truck from insurance so I got 5400 and he thinks I sould give him that. Now i paid the insurance on the truck for months by myself and he eventually gave it back to me. But the truck was in both of our names. We also have a house with equity in it about 45000. However when we bought the house I put down 25000 I got from a work related injury. How do I go about getting this done quick. lol Oh and my kids have not seen him in 8 months. He asks about once a month to see them but they refuse. They are 10,12, and almost 18