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filing for divorce in another state

can i move to another state and file for divorce there because my husband is abusive and he knows all the lawyers around here personally and can i move the kids or go back and get them after i file i know he will try to get me for kidknapping if i try to move em tho thanks

Re: filing for divorce in another state

I don't think you can file in a different county let alone state unless you are there for 6 months or more
I moved to another county ( My ex was stalking me) with the hope of just filing there, but was told by the lawyer I seen that I have to wait 6 months before I could do anything.
I had to come back to where I am now to file, and once I filed here he filed to keep me here so I had to move back into the marital home until a judge told me other wise, took me a year.
wish I could tell you better. If you file a PFA against him then petition the courts from the start to move then i could work out that you can file in the county you were married in and still be allowed to live else where.
It sucks. It's unfair how the courts can rule your life until this is all settled.