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he threw me out and I still love him :(

My husband of one year had a business trip, and so instead of leaving alone in our apartment, he let me fly to go see my family (three states away). Two days before I was supposed to fly back, he calls me and says he's leaving, and that he cancelled my plane ticket back, and that I can't live with him anymore. He also said he had been planning this for over a month.
After that, he partied three nights in a row.

What am I supposed to do? He wont have me back, but my heart still aches. He may be over me, but I still love him. I haven't been fighting the divorce because I don't want him to be mad at me....

How do I get over him? He was the first person I ever slept with, and the only one I feel like I can give my heart to.

Re: he threw me out and I still love him :(

Did you call the airline and check that he really cancelled your return ticket?