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Child support

in our divorce his child support order was $71 per month. I elected for him not to pay it because we had a good relationship and he is a good father. However, the question i have is if it is possible and what do i do to get the child support paid. I could use the extra money now because he does absolutely nothing for his children (twins). I think this may be out of spite, but i want to get my decree revised to reinstate the child support payments. please help.

Re: Child support

In PA you can have your child support case heard 3 times a year. I just file to have my case heard before an officer because my ex got a raise ( a good one) is getting money from the VA (that he failed to mention) and is getting rent money for renting out our home.
Call your CS case worker ( My SIL is from texas and they go through the Attorney General)
The normal process for late CS, in PA, is 30 days late they send a letter, after that they garnish wages, then jail.