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Needing support

I'm new to the world of chat so bear with me
Im just beginning the divorce process and wonder if I'm going to survive

Re: Needing support

Hi Jodi,

Read through the index and you will find many people like yourself at different stages.
From this place you can get support and somewhere to vent, cry, sound off.
Most ladies here will know exactly how you are feeling and some offer us hope and a knowing that we will survive, have a look around. Come back regular when you are feeling alone. Here you will find friends.

You WILL survive!

Re: Needing support

I am new to this site too, and there is one thing I have noticed from reading everyone's posts is that we will survive! It may be a long hard road but one that will be well worth the trip. I look forward to the day when I can be free of my mean, maipulative husband for good!