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Re: What to do when he says

Hey Jo,

My ex was a fireman also. I helped him study to get on while we were dating. He was on for 20 years while also building homes. Unknown to me at the time he started having an affair with this young girl and because he put in 20yrs he decided to take the early retirement they offered at this time. He told me it was because he wanted to put more into his construction job but as I look back I can see now that it was around the time he started his affair with her and he just wanted more time to spend with her. When we tried a few times to make it work out he confessed he wished he had never retired early....but he ended up with the girl anyways so who knows what lies he was telling???? That's how he met this 25 year old girl...he was building a house for her and her husband...Long story. To sum it up quick....Just two selfish people" Also....some of the stories I heard about firemen from him would curl your toes and I know there is probably so much more he never told me. Just glad I don't have to live with him anymore. Liars destroy lives.....

Susan But like you said...look on the bright side of things. I see now what I have escaped from. Try and have a nice day.