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Re: bankruptcy and divorce

My ex has a business and we have a shared house together. He says he is going bankrupt. His company is Limited which means they cant take the house as part of bankruptcy. So I think it depends if it is a limited company or not. My ex refused to take me off the mortgage over a year ago and has now started to miss mortgage payments, even though I have tried to get my name off it and my solicitor has asked him to sell it, I am powerless because I am on the deeds, if he misses payments I am just as liable as he is whether I live there or not, the bank has told me this. I will be blacklisted for five years once the house is repossessed. It is part of his plan for financial ruin for me (he doesnt care that he will go down or that I have his son, he just wants me to go down for daring to leave).
I have only just qualified for legal aid ( I wont have to pay to take him to court now) but previously I simply couldnt afford it so had to sit back and watch him ruin my financial situation. Got legal aid now but its too late really.
Im hoping he will carry most of can as my solicitor can prove that it was purposely done as he ignored (and tore letters up in front of me)any requests for a peaceful resolution (it cost me thousands for the solicitor without any court hearings!). Now it will be in the hands of the courts. I can afford it but he cant, I guess in the end he won his spiteful battle but now he wont be able to afford to counter anything I do. Im still financially ruined though.
Find out if your home is linked to business. If it is I imagine you will be equally responsible. Good luck.