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Dumped on

As I have said on here my 34yr marriage is broken. However I never thought it would be this bad. Thankfully my kids are grown so no custody problems. But he is divorcing me, I dont even know why. Doesnt matter in Wis. He left and went to Ca. We had a large construction co. which he ran into the ground. Now I have to have an auction to sell all this equipment ! His lawyer has pretty well dumped it in my lap. Huge things like back hoes, Cats etc. which I know nothing about. Have to sort thru a huge shed of tools. He has done nothing but bad mouth me, all lies and our son. He has even gone as far as denying being the father of our son who has passed away.
Why does such a RAT get away with all this ? I have to do all the leg work, and head work. ANd he will get half. I cant even tell him what I think of him, because he is so weak , he hangs up on me everytime I call. His family is aparently sticking with him on all this. But he is losing in the end. We have 5 children and one grandchild and I dont think any of them will ever talk to him again. After his denying their brother. Seems like there is no real justice in this life.

Re: Dumped on

((HUGS)) Kat. I wish there was a reason that they act this way. It would be so much easier if we could blame it on a disease or something. I think my ex has a mental malfunction,he proves me right over and over with the stupid s**t he does daily

Re: Dumped on

Here, here.
Ive just been listening to my 8 year old son telling me he is always hungry when hes at dads house...stupidity. Always beer in though.
That will be another condition of contact (Ive stopped it now and will have a list of demands he needs to meet if he wants it to continue (being sober will be one)- the worm has turned)

I think I will end up sorting out a similar mess, with a business and a house, all I can do is sit and wait for his next move and watch my financial situation deteriorate. No difference really, ive always cleaned up after him why should it change now.

What we will have is a clear conscience. That ladies is something they will never have. They might be able to kid everyone else and themselves most of the time but not ALL the time. Mine only sleeps well with the aid of alcohol...cant think why.

Re: Dumped on

My ex seems to think feeding a 9 year old and a 6 year old boy at 1pm on Sunday classifies as feeding them supper. They come home at 7pm STARVING
Does he really know how much 2 boys can eat???!!!
It amazes me still and I feed the bottomless pits EVERYDAY

Re: Dumped on

And while Im at it, he aint paying me a penny, and my boy eats like theres no tomorrow.
He says 'I havent any money' while smoking 60 a day, drinking like a fish and taxing around everywhere cos he lost his licence!!!!


But is thoroughly ******** cos Ive stopped him seeing his son until the drinking is resolved.