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new innovative website for divorced parents

Manage your children's activities at a distance... NOT face to face!

My sweetheart and I are developing a new website designed to reduce a lot of the stress & drama endured by divorced families, and need some more beta-testers. I can't word it any better than she did in this Yahoo News comment:

"Hi all, I went through a tough divorce and are now dealing with being a single parent. The hardest part is communicating with my ex about our son's schedule without getting upset or having it turn into another argument. So I created a website to help divorced couples co-parent more effectively and stay on the same page regarding their children's schedule, activities, appointments, etc. We are currently searching for beta-testers for the site... you will get the service for free as long as you answer our surveys and help us to improve the site. If anyone is interested, please go to http://www.mydharmony.com and scroll to the bottom. I hope the site can help with your parenting struggles too!"

That's all she wrote :-). Hope you have a look see. Thank you!