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Re: Men are mental

stillhurting, the sad thing is my mom passed away 16 years ago. I have been very close to his mom. She loves to talk on the phone--never less than 45 minutes--and he wouldn't answer his phone when she called because he didn't want to deal with her. I would answer and listen to her. Stories I had heard many times, but she was lonely and needed an ear. It was hard to do some days, but I knew it was the right thing to do.

She actually walked out on my stbx dad with some other guy when he was a child. I think he was 8. Didn't stay with the guy, but wouldn't go back to her husband either. And now she is alone. Her marriage to an alcoholic ended in divorce.

So her words stung. I thought we were close. But blood is thicker than water as they say.

Susan, my stbx said the exact same thing. This is only between us. They are so delusional to think the kids are not affected. That the family won't take sides--his side of course. Well except his dad. He has been very kind to me. The only one of his family. Of course, he has been in my shoes. So I think he is the only one that understands.

Re: Men are mental

Barb, I lost family on his side, people I cared about, maybe they all didn't care about me, but there were some who contacted me after the divorce, but in time, because of the divorce his side drifts away because I think that is just natural, family does tend to stick together. I just think it is sad that I not only lost a husband, but also a whole family, meaning all his relatives, because of his selfishness. They let go because he let go. So I had to let go too...I just think it is sad