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Self care

All of here are having such a difficult time, and many of us are harboring so much hatred, anger, resentment, and sadness over our situations..and rightfully so.

I was just wondering what..if anything..all of you are doing to take care of and nurture yourselves during the hard times. Its so important that we take some time for us..to being good and gentle with ourselves.

When I'm down or lonely I read, cuddle with my animals, play with my son, take a hot bath (my sanctuary), buy a trashy celeb magazine for giggles, get a latte at the bookstore, take a long ride and sing in the car...things like that.

I just thought that maybe we can help each other find some things to make ourselves smile a bit more since its so easy to begin neglecting ourselves with all the things going on.

Re: Self care

This will sound silly but I listen to Loreena McKennitt and dance when no one is watching... and read and occasionally go window shopping or go through old clothes to give away.

Re: Self care

Look your best, do your best and be your best...

Re: Self care

Give myself permission to sleep...sleep in, take a nap, whatever....

Re: Self care

I am really trying to focus on forgiveness & being a blessing to other's rather then seeking blessings from others. I have to change the channel when I start ruminating about the what if's or I regress emotionally. As for forgiveness- when I think about what my husband did I have 2 thoughts, either he is a bit anti-social or deeply emotionally wounded yet unaware, so he acts in behaviorally destructive ways. I am going with option 2, which in my opinion is sad. It helps me find forgiveness.
other things I do:
*Listen to inspiring music or read.*lay in the grass with my dogs. *do yardwork on a beautiful day *take meds-which has helped *dream of my future & a healthy relationship *curl up in bed & do nothing all day(ok perhaps that isnt healthy). *snuggle with my loyal dogs. *pray
I have become a bit of a loner & isolated myself from others. This is just how I choose to cope right now. What works best for everyone???

Re: Self care

I pray. God is doing amazing healing for me. I could not survive this without Him. I read. Right now mostly books aimed at helping me to heal and move forward. The one I am reading now is Woman's Wounded Heart. It is the best one yet. Gives ideas on where we get stuck in healing and how to get through it. I talk to and spend time with my girls. Shopping for maternity clothes with my eldest daughter this weekend was a joy. I paint. I took oil painting classes several years ago, and just started painting again. Knitting. . .baby blanket, of course! I spend quiet time to let my soul connect with God to provide healing. I listen to music and sing. I browse at condos for sale online and dream of having my own little place when this house sells. I enjoy the freedom I now have to do what I want when I want. To watch what I want on tv or not have it on at all. I take long baths and read or reflect on how far I have come. I have a long way to go, but in less than 5 months I am so much better than I thought I would ever be.