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Court next week

He won his family (that was a given), he tried to win my family, he won our friends, our town, the career. What people do not know is what he has done and continues to do, something I can not tell people.

I have been told to go on welfare by the system, I make to much money but not enough to live with the needs of life.

The system tells me that relocation will be hard because they do not want to seperate a family, we are no longer a family. Relocation for a better job to make more moeny to be able to provide the needs of life. A responsible plan in place to be able for him to be able to still see the children.

Something seems broken, how can they let us live in poverty and keep us from a bettter life. I can get three jobs to support the children and myself, but then he would want the children and they do not want to live with him. I can quit my job and let welfare take care of us, but that is not a way of life from my point of view. Or I keep my job now and will live in poverty. But wait there is a glimples of hope another job, a support system, but far away.

Another court date next week. Why can they not connect the dots and see. He has it all just let me be able to relocate with the children to be able to provide a life we also deserve.

I have been struggling with this for a long time and will continue to struggle trying to figure it all out.

Re: Court next week

Thats just crazy May. They say relocation can be hard...but people do it and make it work. Thats no reason to keep you from bettering yourself and your kids. I mean...if ex isnt doing it than someone has to!

I hope this works out for you!

Re: Court next week

Please let us know how things go. We're thinking of you. I don't understand the laws...they are so lopsided. How can it be that they destroy our families and continue to have control of our lives? It is so unfair! I know you are looking at going a long ways away. If you can prove it is in the best interest of the children, however, and you have in place a fair visitation schedule, that should be to your advantage. (((Hugs)))

Re: Court next week


I will be thinking of you this week. I hope you get the relocation. Why does the system say they don't want to break up a family? They didn't break up a family, your ex did. We all deserve a chance to be near our support systems, have a decent job and be able to afford to live, and have a little peace in our lives.

Re: Court next week

Here's what I've never understood...if they destroyed the family, then why aren't they forced to move where you build your new life if they want to be close to their children? I would have never moved to this community except I was a loving, faithful wife and Jerk wanted to live here. I have no support here, no family, no friends. Why should I have to stay. Fortunately my support isn't too far away and I shouldn't have problems with relocation. But how is it fair? It's not. No part of this is fair.