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OK...now I'm mad

ARGH...I just want to scream! Ex doesnt get to me much anymore, but this custody crap is driving me nuts. I mentioned before that right now my son is registered at two schools for kindergarten. I havent said anything to him about it because I dont know for certain that he is going to be placed with me, and am trying to avoid any confusion for him.

Ex on the other hand took him to the school he registered him for already. I really wish he wouldnt have done that because now my son is certain that that is his school, and I think I'll be the bad guy for taking him away from it if he is placed with me. Hes only 4 so he doesnt get it.

Anyway, I picked up my son from him tonight, and he tells me that he was at his kindergarten again last week for testing. I'm so flipping furious that ex is messing with him like this! He couldnt wait 3wks until we go to court and have a decision before getting the baby all excited about a school he may not be attending??? He never thinks at all!!!!!!!!

I'm going to drop the guardian an email and let her know about it. UGH...so mad!!!!

Re: OK...now I'm mad

Poor baby. They don't think it through, that's the problem. Definately follow up with the guardian. It breaks my heart to hear of these custody battles. He will be OK, though, to go to a different school at this stage. He doesn't have a concept of what is normal in this process, so you can make this appear to be a normal part of the process. Please keep us posted.

Re: OK...now I'm mad

Dear Chris, I am amazed that a court would even consider taking a four year old from his mother and give him to his father. A child that young should be with the mother. Why is this happening? I certainly don't get it! We will all be there with you in spirit when you go to court. Our prayers are with you.

Re: OK...now I'm mad

Its happening simply because I've had to move in with my brother and niece since losing my job. Ex has issues with them (which are ridulous), doesnt want the baby here, so he filed for custody.

Thats it in a nutshell.