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So my stbx has as part of his therapy sent out a mass e-mail "apologizing" for lying to everyone he knows. It is in quotations because the letter in my opinion is more of "sorry I got caught lying... it's the lie's fault." He also didn't address the fact that he effectively stole a lot of money from me and my family and many of his friends. After he sent it out, he contacted me to tell me how much better he feels now and how wonderful things are with his current whatever they are. (She's married, just bought a house and isn't sure if she's leaving her husband. He is apparently clueless.)
Not only did he contact me after telling him specifically not to contact me, he wanted to invite me a family function on his end.
1). I was not invited.
2) I had plans that day.
3). What in the world makes him think that I want to spend hours with him and him alone????!!!!
After I declined, he was disappointed. Excuse me what did he think was going to happen. It's like because he sent out a half-a$$ed apology, he thinks he is the golden boy and deserves a pat on the back and everything is fine. The past is over an done with and I should overlook the fact that he lied to me since we first met and continued to lie for 6 years until his brother caught him. Arrrrrgghhhh!

What in the world does he want? And why won't he leave me alone?.... OKAY... done ranting for now... thanks for listening.

Re: Grrrr

So HE feels so much better now? It looks like nothing has changed...it's still all about him.

Re: Grrrr

Yep and the sad thing is that he thinks he has.