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About friendship !

What is more important before you meet the one ?

Is friendship with each other really important before someone jumps into marriage ?

First :Being good friends and the rest will kick in
Such as being in love ,liking the person you are with, having a good sense of humor and what else?

Thank you

Re: About friendship !

My husband and I met 27years ago, married 21 years ago. When we got married, I thought I lucked out because I got everything rolled into one package. But, as time went on, he started to cheat, a on going affair with the same woman and I have forgiven him repeatedly. I can no longer forgive, hence why I filed for divorce. So, your question is hard to answer. Like I said, I thought I married my best friend and look where I am now, divorcing who I thought was my best friend and love of my life. Good luck