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About domestic violence !

When my husband and I argue he gets angry and one time during my marriage he threw at me a medicine bottle that he missed, and one time I was sitting on a office style chair and I mentioned to him that I would like to help my brother financially (financially we can) $50.00-$100.00 a month even though his Family works and he pushed the chair and got mad saying that his wife , his kids work what for? he thinks that I should always agree with him no matter how wrong he is just because I am his wife. One time during the argument he said grow up , just leave go go …
I did not say anything because I know he would get even angrier if I would responded back.

Just because he does not have a good relationship with our Son and I do , he thinks that I talk BS about him. (Which is not true)

Is this type of behavior normal?
I have been married for 30 years already
Sometimes I feel sick and tired of this type of arguments that my husband think that I am never on his side .

I have told him

What is right is right ? And what is wrong is wrong?
He did not say anything 😠

Re: About domestic violence !

I am concerned with the term domestic violence. Other than throwing the medicine bottle at you has he been physically abusive? Mental abuse can actually seem worse at times. I was married 43 year to a Ill tempered man. He was the ultimate control freak. This man was extremely mentally abusive. I never thought in a million years he would physically harm me. Will he strangled me and almost killed me. My granddaughter who lives with me heard something and came into the room where he was strangling me. She charged him making him lose his balance which caused him to let go. She literally saved my life. He was arrested and removed from our home. We were actually a year into the divorce by then. So my point is don’t trust him. My life is 100% better now without him. I regret all the year I spent with that hateful man.

Re: About domestic violence !

Hi Lily
I just remembered something after I read your story.
One time when my Son said something to his father (I do not recall what it was) and my husband took a standing long pole lamp and tried to hold it in his neck :((

Sorry you have to go through this horrible life you had 😞
I am happy for you now that you do not have to put up with him anymore 👏 and for being strong too :))

Thank you for answering 🤗
Take care of yourself and your little Angel (Granddaughter ) that saved your life .