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Getting through heartbreak

My marriage started out so great and I just knew that this was my forever. In the beginning before we got married there was signs of him talking to other women, but I just gave him an ultimatum. He seemed to have been doing what he was supposed to be doing up until a few months ago. I stay around my family, and we are all hard-working people, but he mostly wanted to lay around and not do much or didn't want to do it when asked. He always seemed to make excuses about everything and always told the smallest lies. Well, a few months ago we separated because he seems to put everything and everybody else before me and my children. In the end I found out that he had been cheating before and after the separation via messenger. I gave this man all of me and treated him like a king just for him to throw me away like trash. I'm trying so hard to heal and not think of all he done. I forgive him but I'm just ready to get back to me. How do you start to cope with the process of getting divorce? How do you begin the healing process?

Re: Getting through heartbreak

Begin to realize that this is happening because HE has an issue. This is about HIM and how he is unable to have a healthy relationship. Picking up the pieces of a broken marriage is very hard, I am doing that myself, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am trying to avoid negative thinking, self-blame or even harbor anger against him. Hanging out with friends helps a lot.