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The other side

Even though change happens to us everyday in small ways it is unsettling to most. Ruts become our safety zones.It was partially my fear of change that kept me in a toxic marriage for the greater part of my lifetime. Divorce turns your world upside down. I have experienced two divorces. They were opposite experiences. The big difference was the men on the other end. I have remained good friends for nearly 50 years with my first husband. My. Second husband I will never see or talk to him again. Don’t let your fear kept you from doing what MUST be done. You will survive this. What you do to protect yourself financially is important! Pay attention to your instincts which are usually right. If you think they are cheating it is likely they are. If they are mentally abusive,,controlling or physically abusive you don’t deserve that. Prepare for what is likely the end of your marriage. Don’t give away what is rightfully yours thinking you will get back together. Do your homework. Don’t rely on what others say find out for yourself. I have been divorced for three years now. I don’t recognize myself. I feel as if I was reborn. It was like having major surgery. It was painful but I have come thru it. You will also. My best to you all.

Re: The other side

Thank you Lili, you're awesome!