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My husband never loved me. Rebound marriage. Divorce. Stay at home mom

My husband has never loved me. I was unknowingly the rebound girl. He was in a previous relationship with a woman who cheated on him with an ex throughout their entire relationship and she ended up leaving him for the ex. During the beginning of our relationship, he would constantly talk about her. Everywhere we went, he had memories of her and him there and would recount them to me. I told him that I didn't feel comfortable with him constantly talking about her and I think I should leave. He began to cry and begged me not to.

I later found out that he still received text message from her. He told me that she would text him and he would give one word answers. I asked him, why didn't he tell her to stop texting him. His response was that she would get the clue by him responding just one time. I eventually took his phone and texted her myself pretending to be him. I told her that I (he) was happy in his relationship and didn't want to talk to her anymore.

After we were married and had our first child. It has been 5 years since the text situation. He randomly began talking about her again. He knew too much detailed about her that I suspected something was up. I asked him, how do you know all these details about her? He said that he has bumped into her brother and he told him. I said that didn't make sense that the brother told him so much info about her. We got into this huge fight and he admitted that he has been spying on her on Facebook because he wanted her life to be bad because of all the things she had done to him throughout their relationship. He agreed to delete his Facebook and never check up on her again.

5 years later, I found out that he has been seeking back on Facebook. I don't know for what but I suspect it was for her. At 9 months pregnant, I cam across sex videos and pictures of her and him while they were in their relationship. I ended up going into labor that night. He blamed me for "digging" Into his email. He never apologized but found a way to make it my fault. I also found out what while I have giving birth to our middle child, he was on Facebook the entire day. That is why he was unable to make it to the hospital.

I came to the realization finally, that I was just a safety net for him until the ex came back. He never loved me. He would call her a *****, ****** and slut and I have never done anything to make him feel that way. A week ago, while he was calling me that, I told him I am not his ex that was f*ing everyone in sight while with him. And that she is the *****. He began to punch me in my face while I held on to our newborn. I obviously don't have a marriage and never truly had a partner. I am divorcing him, the problem is that I am a stay at home mom with no savings. My credit is not too good. I don't want to stay at my friends home for too long because she has a husband and children of her own. Any advice?

Re: My husband never loved me. Rebound marriage. Divorce. Stay at home mom

Did you call the police? My husband tried to strangle me. Of course I called the police. He was arrested and removed permanently from the home. If you haven’t reported this do immediately!!!!!!!!! You can go to a women’s shelter. If you don’t have funds for a attorney you can file yourself. You need a emergency hearing to get support for yourself and children. It won’ t be so wonderful when he realizes the repercussions from his actions. You don’t deserve this!,, You need to follow through for your children. My best to you.

Re: My husband never loved me. Rebound marriage. Divorce. Stay at home mom

Please be strong, you need to leave this guy!