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I am with a loser and I want to leave him so bad but I feel bad for my son

I am so fed up about my relationship. I have been with this guy for over 10 years now, and in these 10 years he hasn't worked a day. I am supporting him and my son (18 months) financially and have not been able to have a mature conversation about this in years because he has severe ADHD who he refuses to treat medically. After the birth of our son he also started having anger issues. I feel bad about my son growing without a father if i leave him but I am so fed up I feel like I am about to explode.

Also, I moved to Canada for him (I am originally from italy). Do you ladies know if I am able to just leave him and move back to my home country? We never got married (THANK GOD), we are common law.

Thank you in advance for any advice you'd be able to give me!

Re: I am with a loser and I want to leave him so bad but I feel bad for my son

My best guess is you can’t just take your son to italy without you ex’s ok. It sounds like your son is a Canadian. Find out what the rules are and follow them. I live in CA in USA and you would have 50/50 custody and probably end up paying child support. Find out the laws in Canada where you live. I am so sorry this sounds difficult. My best to you and your little boy. Your son will have strong male roll models in his life without his father. Biology isn’t necessarily that important.