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Confused 🫤

I just found out from my 30 years marriage that my husband confessed that he loves me but he doesn’t like me !
I asked him Why and why he stayed with me for so long
He said nothing 😐 weird
Would you stay in an marriage if one of your spouse does not like you ?

Re: Confused 🫤

I wonder if he’d be prepared to go to marriage guidance/relationship counselling with you? He may be experiencing a mid life crisis. It may be that ‘familiarity has bred contempt?’ Do you communicate well? Has life become boring and routine?

He may be saying this to deliberately hurt your feelings? How is your relationship generally?

Re: Confused 🫤

Our relationship is so so
He is moody and have tempers sometimes for simples things that arises, that’s why I will have to think twice before I open my mouth to discuss issues .
He did have “a mid life crisis “already about 10 years ( emotional affair that we both know this person well) and I forgave him for it which sometimes in my mind I shouldn’t have.
He is a difficult person to talk too that is why I feel lonely on this marriage sometimes .
Why do you think he would like to hurt my feeling though?

Re: Confused 🫤

And Also
He does not believe in marriage counseling, he says is waste of money and time
During an argument he yelled at me to “ Get out from my house” Just “Go Go”
And called me “ Piece of ****” too

Re: Confused 🫤

Hmmm…HIS house? You probably have legal rights in that asset also?

To be honest, it doesn’t sound as if he’s making much of an effort does it? Would you consider leaving him?