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Re: A text from an ex

If the boundary you’ve put in place to keep him at arms length means you feel safer, then he has to respect this. You’re under no obligation to communicate with him. He could be trying to entice you/guilt you into communicating with him again. On the other hand, he might be experiencing feelings of loss-as you were in a relationship for a long time and left quite suddenly. He may even be experiencing depression. The fact that you’ve described him as being controlling and abusive however, indicates that perhaps keeping your distance is better for you. Does he have other family and friends who can support him through his ill health instead of you?

Re: A text from an ex

Hello Kaz
He does have a sister that have a husband that is sick too.
He does not have friends but I have seen his handiman taking care of him such as taking him to the doctor , doing errands , taking care of the dogs etc…
Since my ex is well financially I have told my Brother (without my ex knowing that I suggested) to suggest a 24/7 care to have it as a companionship.
Have a good day and stay safe !
Thank you for help