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Re: Controlling Husband

I also feel Sorry for him…(he has no one close) not even our grown up Kids does not want to be involve or be there for their Father ever… he has delayed our daughter dreams to be a teacher instead she followed my husband wishes for her to be a lawyer (which she did ) but in the end she also got a degree to Teach and she is happy teaching (her dream came though without her father knowing )
I am sooooo proud of her :))
If I leave him he will be devastated
I am confused πŸ˜•
I want to leave this marriage more than anything but the thing that is making me stop is he will be all by himself
ALONE with his dogs 🐢 🐢🐢

I am thinking what will happen if he becomes sick 😷 when no one will be there (if I decide to leave I am not that kind of person that believes of being friend with an ex )
Thank you

Re: Controlling Husband

You are a kind person to worry about what would happen to him if you leave. But, sometimes we have to reap what we sow. If he ends up alone it would not be your fault, but his own.

Do what is best for you! I worry about my ex- husband also, but I don't have to be responsible for him forever. If I can take care of myself, so can he!

Good luck!

Re: Controlling Husband

File for divorce. Save yourself. Let him get on with it. Feeling sorry for him is not helping.