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About an Ex- Husband actions

I filed for divorce about 1 1/2 year ago after a long marriage and is still not done, because of division of properties that we still debating for it .
My question is:
Did someone in this forum went through this situation that I am having now ?
I was marriage for 30 years and during my marriage my ex had and still have heart issues and suffer from panic attacks for over 30 years which he takes a prescribed medication for it and during the divorce he has been texting me out of no where that *he has been in n out from the hospital and that he is feeling very weak , sick and it seems that his heart condition is getting worst *
Does a Narcissist / Controlling person exaggerates ?
I am aware he is sick but Why he keep sending these texts so many times about his health condition if he knows that I have not replied back.
During the divorce the only time I comunícate with him is via text and it is only business matters nothing else and in a very short words.
The only person he have now is few friends that have been helping him out no other family members, because neither my Daughter or my Son doesn’t want to be in his life because he was a controlling Father.
Why my ex does not understand that it’s over between us and my life is more peaceful now?
I do not have to put up in his controlling, tempered, angered, moody personalities.
What can I do for him to understand ?

Re: About an Ex- Husband actions

I feel my husband does that to get out of consequences to his bad behavior i give him the numbers for hot lines thatcan help so i can feel i did as much as i could.