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Husband refuses divorce over spousal support

My husband is cruel verbally abusive name calling telling me nonone loves me and controlling in every aspect, criticizes my food intake and more. Cannot share feelings or thoughts hence the loneliness he will not let me go unless i deny spousal support which i am entitled to after 25 yrs of marriage at 6000$ a month for 20yrs is my entitlement and the law for him to pay me so he keeps me here to torture me pretty much.i am 45 been with him tried to wait for change or humanity and 32yrs and always changed for the worse anyone else being held " hostage"

Re: Husband refuses divorce over spousal support

Hi Carey
Sorry you are going through this situation.
I filed for divorce 1 1/2 year ago to an controlling husband not even our kids does not want nothing to do with him
(He lost his own family ) he did it himself
My divorce is not finalized because on various properties we built together he does not want to cooperate and like you said by law it needs to be divided equally even if I get 40% and him 60% I will be fine …, the problem is he is not cooperating and even his own lawyer told my lawyer that my husband is a difficult person to deal with , which I knew that would happen .
He is from an old school mentality that he thinks he can keep what he wants by not following the law when it come to divorce .
Wish you Luck 🙏

Re: Husband refuses divorce over spousal support

Having been married to someone similar for 43 years I understand your feelings. As my divorce proceeded I slowly realized he did not have the power to say what would happen. The law and the courts decide. Don’ give up anything you are entitled to! He can not make you stay unless you let him. Take your power back. It was eye opening to see him realize he had no control over me any longer. The worst thing is to talk to him about the situation. If you have a lawyer let them do the talking. Don’t allow him to bully you. Knowledge is power. Learn your rights and don’t give any of them away. Stay strong. You can do this.

Re: Husband refuses divorce over spousal support

Thank you so much