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He won't leave, I won't leave

Husband is a habitual cheater and liar. He refuses to leave the apartment. Says I should leave or just ignores me when I ask him to leave. He said we can live here and be cordial. I don't want a roommate. I would not cook and clean for a roommate. I think he is trying to mind f*%k me into an open relationship where I do all the grunge work and his mistress is for the fun stuff. I am adamant that I'll NEVER agree to that living situation(but some would say I have been doing exactly that) And now we basically argue or should I say I rant and he ignores me. I refuse to leave my home I did not break my vows. And I feel it is so low brow of him to expect me and our daughter to leave our home for over 24 yrs. I rant....do I really have to leave my apartment? Don't I have rights too?

Re: He won't leave, I won't leave

Time to see a lawyer hun. If the apartment is a rental, I’d look at breaking the lease just to move out of this toxic situation. If its owned/mortgaged, seek legal advice about a divorce/property settlement. There may be the potential for you to continue living there, but this would need to be explored legally.

You are right: He’s trying to have his cake and eat it. Please stop cooking and cleaning for him immediately. Get checked for STDs also if you’ve been sleeping together while he’s been having sec with others…

Get rid of him out of your life hun. He’s toxic and sounds like he’ll never change. On the website Mumsnet, they have an expression for men like him: C&ck Lodgers!!!