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Where do I find the strength?

Hi everyone. Husband and I are separated but still living together. We have young kids and also I was a SAHM for the entirety of our marriage and I literally have nothing to my name apart from him. Which makes things even worse on my end.
Anyhow, we are done. I’m not sure what’s going to come of this separation and I’m afraid. My only problem is every article I’ve been reading online everyone says be strong, but where in the world am I supposed to get this strength from. The thought of it being over is frightening yet surreal.

Any practical tips. Any straightforward suggestions to help me “make it”.

Re: Where do I find the strength?

First off-Go get legal advice. Everything may be in his name, but, depending on the law where you live, you are potentially entitled to a cut of houses/vehicles/401k/jewellery/savings etc. if you have kids-find out how you can submit an application to potentially claim child support from him.

Emotionally-Be kind and nurturing to yourself. Consider meditating, yoga, writing a journal, listening to calming music, exercising, taking a bubble bath, talking with friends and family etc.

If you’ve decided it’s over. Keep reminding yourself why you want it to end. Perhaps write some positive affirmations to yourself to encourage you to keep going, to stay strong and to remind yourself what your hopes, dreams and future aspirations are 🌸