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Dealing with separation

Hi everyone. My husband and I have been separated nearly 5 months. We got into a rut with some intense arguments, then tried therapy which brought out more underlying issues. There has been an emotional affair on his part, and numerous friendships that have caused me mistrust and very low self esteem. He has dealt with an anger issues and an explosive temper. But he has been trying to work on that and is doing better( after 15 years of marriage) I am still committed to making our marriage work. We have 3 kids, a new home and he doesn’t want to come home. He hasn’t had a consistent place to stay, and doesn’t like me knowing where he stays. He generally has feee reign with his time, while I am home with the kids. He visits on weekends. He still wants to talk with me like I’m his friend. Says he loves me, wants a physical relationship but will not come home and says he doesn’t feel like he ever can. But he is taking time to decide. I honestly feel as if I’m being strung along. I’ve tried so hard to make things right. Make them work and he seems to never see that. I’m becoming so lonely on top of feeling complete grief of losing my best friend. I don’t even know where to go from here, the limbo is killing me.

Re: Dealing with separation

End it. And You be the one to end it: Take back some of the control you’ve lost. He’s playing games with your emotions. He wants to have his cake and eat it. Keeping you in emotional limbo and turmoil, while he’s potentially out shagging other women. Take your power back sista. No woman deserves to be treated as second best.

It’s the here and now that matters. The past is done, but the way he’s behaving currently, demonstrates loudly and clearly he’s a selfish, self-centred ****** Move on please hun. You deserve not to be lead on a tortuous mind-game like he’s doing currently ❤️

Look up narcissism. He’s CHOOSING not to acknowledge or recognise how hard you’ve been trying to save your relationship. He’s enjoying the freedom. Please don’t be a doormat (and I mean that kindly). The version of him who you thought he was, doesn’t exist (anymore). Actions speak louder than words…please read back what you wrote on here, but imagine a daughter of yours wrote the words. What would you advise her if she were in your shoes? 🙏🏼