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I'm all over the place!

My husband and I have been married for 16 years and share 3 teenagers. We were very young when we had our oldest and kind of grew up together. Our marriage has been through alot, 2 separations (now 3 as of this weekend), relocating, possible emotional affairs and miscarriage. The miscarriage hit me the hardest last summer as we were caught off guard. I was so happy during that short 8-9 week span, excited about what my future would bring as being a older, more prepared mom. He seemed excited too, when I had the miscarriage I didn't handle it well. My only thoughts were lets try again. Well after a year of trying we were told we needed IVF. I assumed my husband would be in but he adamantly said he is done having kids. I ignored what he was saying because I was so obsessed with getting pregnant again. I asked him to go to counseling as I felt like this was bringing up some other unresolved issues we have and he refused. He told me he wanted to separate as he is to the point he has no feelings about anything anymore. TO make things worse, I tested positive for Covid late last week and was really sick but he still moved out while I was lying there super sick. I have been an emotional mess. I'm still not feeling well, being it's day 5 of Covid. I have barely slept or eaten anything. My kids are doing okay but I can tell this is definitely affecting them. and my husband says he just had to to do this to see if he could start "feeling" again. He said he will only get counseling if he moves back in but doesn't know if he will even want to. I have given him 2 weeks. I know I should be so mad after all of this and I am but I am even more hurt. All the conversations in the world are not bringing the answers I am seeking from him and I have realized I need to distance myself at this point because I have so much grief about so many things now. I'm just ALL over the place and need guidance!