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Re: I am so lost and confused

Hi Tammi,

I am sorry that you are going through this.
I divorced my husband after 23 years of marriage when I was 52. It was a hard adjustment at times. Some days I lay on my floor crying because I felt so alone and depressed, angry at how much time I wasted on him, angry at how he treated me, angry that "I could have had a happy marriage, but he ruined that for me."

But I will tell you that between those moments, I was so happy and relieved to be living on my own. I have my own home where I live in peace and quiet. I have had to work on building up my friendships and outside activities so I don't feel so alone - but I'm getting there.

It has been four years now, and I couldn't be happier! Those feelings of depression are gone, I just had to work through them.

Financially it took some planning, but I am receiving alimony, picking up extra work here and there. Any financial sacrifices I had to make are so worth it!!

you can do it!
Good luck!