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Re: Sadness /divorce not final yet

Hi Kelly
Thank you for replying
Unfortunately my Ex passed away few days ago, doctors could not save him :((((
He was only 65yrs old
I was going to the Hospital visiting him and holding his hand even though he was unconscious.
I did whispered to his ears that I forgive him and love him so he can Rest In Peace 🙏
I was there till the end of his life holding his hands till he passed away :((((((
Why am I feeling guilty for not believing in him when he used to text me telling me he has been sick and I ignored his texts.?
I should have been there :(
Even though he did not deserve my love

How can I heal this pain that I am feeling ? 🙏
(Even though our 2 Kids did not seen him or talked to him either for the last 2 years , they also went to the hospital to visit him everyday.)

Re: Sadness /divorce not final yet


You are such a good person to have gone to see him! I'm sure he knew you were there and felt your forgiveness. I know you gave him peace before he passed.

God bless you and your children for offering kindness and compassion to him before he passed.

I wouldn't blame yourself for not answering his texts. I firmly believe that actions have consequences. His behavior and treatment of you resulted in you not wanting to connect with him or believe his messages. I don't think that is on you, but really on him.

You could not have changed the outcome of his illness and you offered him love and peace in his final moments. I don't think you could have done any more than that.

All the best,