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Re: Thinking seriously of divorce after 35 years, but....

i went back and forth for 20 years of our 32 year marriage, thinking i still loved him, he treated me well, except for screaming at me every two weeks for little things and arguing.
but over time all those not so great moments rubbed away my love, then like, then after 2 years in counseling when his real feelings came out, my caring about him was gone too.

i'm glad you are putting things in place. when we had a 3 month separation and i really wrote down and saw how he had no respect for me and just wanted things the certain way he wanted them, including not allowing me to foster kittens anymore ( the thing that make me the happiest).

i slowly got rid of stuff and decided what i would take, and that i could go to my sister's for a while, i said i wanted a divorce. our marriage wasn't a good marriage, even though we loved, then still cared about each other.

i left 7 months ago and emotionally it's hard, but i would still make the same decision. think through what you need to do, how you can put a life in place for you after a divorce, what do you want your future to be?

is there anyway you can offer to help with the father after the divorce? our help your ex get assistance?