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I need your opinion

I have been separating for 2 yrs from my 30 years of marriage after we had an argument when he said something that I became in fear living with him.
I decided to do also is because he like to be in control and i could not talk to him without him being angry or having a tempered about it.

My question is?
Do you think is right to talk to person during a separation or divorce within 4 -5 months after filing it?
Because I found out that he went to see this person that sold us a house more than 4 yrs ago , and last year they decided to live together for almost 6 month and I guess it did not work for some reason.

Re: I need your opinion

Hi Andrea
You did the right thing choosing the separation.
Why would you like to live in fear and with a controlling man ?
There is a possibility he was already cheating on you during your marriage and you were not aware after you filed for separation !
Best of Luck!