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Recently divorced

Together 14 years, Married 11
3 children (10, 5, 2)
He is diagnosed bipolar 1 since a child, has ADHD and Asperger’s
I was Cheated on 4 times… 2010(R), 2011(A) 2014(C), 2022(S)
I start divorce proceedings June 8
He begs, pleads daily… I push him away and say no going back
We are separated July 7
We have sex for the final time July 28 initiated by him…he continuously called me his booty call and said I always could be…2 days later he tells me it was only to see if there was anything left between us….I start begging for him to stay and work things out with me, he says no
Find out about him and C reconnecting and “talking” again on August 4 (they started “talking” the middle of July)
He moves out August 5
Their “first date” August 6, but he had seen her a few times without me knowing
I Attempted suicide August 7 — he shows up at hospital next day with a hickie
I come Home from hospital on August 17
He asks kids to meet her and I find out they’re living together on August 21… since around August 17
November 10 I found out they’re engaged for 2 weeks

Re: Recently divorced

Oh Andrea, you have been through so much.
He sounds toxic as. You deserve better and you don't need him. Try to focus on your new life as you can't control what he does and it will just destroy you. You and your kids deserve better.
Hang in there and keep looking forward on your own path, because before you know it you will be walking into a paradise just for you

Re: Recently divorced

My God, I am so sorry, Andrea. I am holding you in my heart. You are loved, you are worth it, and you deserve so much better.