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Verbally abusive husband, recently decided to divorce him

Hi guys,

Im 28 years old I’ve been married to my husband for 7 years and we have decided to divorce. He reacted very violently to the whole separation. He started threatening to take our 5 year old daughter away from me and started saying that I’ve been cheating on him with another man. We lived together in New Jersey for 3 years until we could not find child care for our daughter and I moved back to New York with my family. He decided to stay in nj he said temporarily. Since then over the years he’s changed jobs 4 times and has developed a drinking problem. He became more verbally abusive when he would drink and would black out when he got too drunk. On occasions he said lule drink and drive. Since our daughters birth I’ve been her main caregiver. I’ve attended her doctors appointments, always spent quality time with her and now i pick and drop her off her school and help with homework. My husband has never even cared to do any of those things. Even when unemployed he would not come and visit her or try to spend time with her. He would always play video games and not be attentive towards her. I currently have a lawyer and have temporary custody of our child due to the threats