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Feeling Sad

Hi Everyone
Even though it was my decision to file for divorce 2 years , unfortunately my -ex passed away 4 months ago from heart disease.
Why am I feeling sad even though we have not spoken for the last two years? :((
We were marriage for 30 years, I could not handle him anymore .
He was a hard person to deal with.
Why am I feeling regretful that I filed for divorce after his passing ?
I feel that his heart /health deteriorated after I filed.
How can I heal the pain inside me ?

Any advice it will greatly appreciated!

Thank you

Re: Feeling Sad

Mary Ann, I feel for you so much. My mother and father divorced after 30 years and even though he was a horrible person, when he died my mother was heart broken.
It was not your fault that he passed away, it most likely would have happened anyway.
I don't know how to heal the pain in you. But trust you made the right decision at the time. You are important and made your decision for reasons and honesty, I think in some cases staying in a bad marriage could have lead you to an early grave.
It is not your fault, you are worth looking after over anyone else x