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Emotionally abusive ex

I feel like he just won't stop.
I moved out about a month ago and ever since then he has everything he can to make things difficult for me.

He refuses to pay child support even though he makes 10 times the amount I do. He is insisting that I give all my child's toys back because "he paid for it". He's mother threatened to sue me because I won't give all the toys and clothes back. (I left half at the house when I left)

He has never lifted a finger when raising my child but now he wants to act like he's father of the year. He bad mouths me to my 6 year old son who has aspergers. I've heard "we hate mommy", "we hate mommy's house". Before this he was scared of his dad. He used to say "that is a dangerous man" when talking about his dad. He can't handle it when my sons cries and would start screaming and throwing stuff which scared my son.

He keeps buying expensive stuff for him so that he wants to go to his house and tells him my house is bad. Every time my son comes back from visiting him I have to try and rebuild our relationship, only for him to break it down again afterwards.

When he phones him at night he tells him he has presents at his house so he should visit him the next day when it is not what was agreed on. Leaving me to explain why he can't go to his dad the next day.

All he has ever cared about is money and he just wants my son to be there half of the time so he wouldn't have to pay child support.

When I picked my son up the last time him and his mother got in a rage because I didn't bring all his toys with. He said he was going to do something to me but wouldn't say what.

I'm terrified that he will try to take my son away from me. Everyday it's something new. When he picked him up from school he took his school shoes so I had to buy new ones. We agreed that my sons tablet can go to his house when he visits and then come back to me but he kept it.

He completely isolated me in the 15 years we've been together and now I have no one. I don't know how to deal with this anymore.

Re: Emotionally abusive ex

First of all, I am so sorry you are going through this. Second of all, I am dealing with similar issues. My 4 year old daughter and I were so close before the divorce and she barely had a relationship with her dad. Now she barely wants anything to do with me. My heart is broken. Parental alienation is form of child abuse and the courts take it very seriously. You should go to the self help section of court and find out what you can do. Sending you virtual hugs.

Re: Emotionally abusive ex

I can relate to not getting all of my child support

My ex’s friend tricked me into putting joint custody into our divorce decree

We all knew that the kids would never stay overnight with him because he moved in with his parents

I didn’t realize that my child support was cut in half because the judge read the decree and thought that the kids would only be with me half the time

I didn’t realize this until years later when I really looked at details of divorce decree and saw how often the children were supposed to live with him.

One of my daughters was so angry that I couldn’t give her more money