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After Two Years, He Says It’s Over.

I’ve been married for almost 2 years now. My husband and I were friends for 5 years, dated for two, all of which happened in a long distance relationship. And now almost married for two with an anniversary in October.

Well. Just over a week ago today, he came home from work, and told me it was over, packed up his stuff, and left. No preamble, no fight, no warning…. Nothing. He was just gone.

I’m not really here to give the dirty details of everything he’s done to screw me over… I don’t even expect anyone to read this. I am a very insecure introvert, even writing this letter is difficult for me. But I need the outlet. My husband was my best friend. We introduced each other to so much. We were both nerds, we love Disney stuff, we love Star Wars… Musicals like Newsies and Hamilton…

I don’t understand how he could just… leave. Just decide all the memories we had and STILL have yet to have aren’t worth it… thankfully we have no kids so that makes things a bit easier. But I am hurting. Like I said. I don’t expect anyone will read this… but… here’s to the void. Goodnight void, another sleepless night awaits me, as I lay and think about my best friend happy and jubilant without me.

Re: After Two Years, He Says It’s Over.

I’m sorry you are feeling this.

I feel like I am about to do the same thing to my husband that yours has done to you. After 14 years of marriage-20 years together-so many memories… I want to walk away. The feelings I had have changed. My situation is different than yours I know but what keeps me hanging on is knowing that he will feel the way you do. I just don’t know how much longer I can put my feelings aside for him. Would you have rather he stay without passion or love for your benefit? Would that have made you feel better? If you knew before hand that he wasnt feeling it would it have helped you not feel so bad?

Re: After Two Years, He Says It’s Over.

That’s awful. He sounds like he’s been hiding his feelings or something else from you. It must be hard to not have your best friend around anymore. I think he owes you an explanation. Whether he gives you one or not, you certainly don’t deserve to be treated this way.