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I feel like im crazy

Husband asked for a divorce stating that he was too exhausted of me emotionally and he felt like he had nothing more he could give me. He originally wanted me to leave the house and stay with my family for support. After a day i decided he should be the one to leave now we both wont leave and are bearly talking to each other. I know its over and theres no going back but the theres a tiny piece of me that hopes he will wake up one day and regret his decision. although it seems like hes so ready to move on and for things to just be over. Am i in the wrong?

Re: I feel like im crazy

No, you’re right - he should be the one to move out. Unless he’s willing to try marriage counseling or something, show him where the door is. That tiny piece that wants him to regret his decision is probably based on your past with him and not the jerk he’s being right now.