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It has been 3 months

It has been 3 months that my ex husband passed away due to a heart problem even though I am the one that decide to file the divorce 2 years ago and till his passing he did not want to sign off the divorce papers..
( 33 yrs of marriage )
Why every time I think of you now that he passed away I cry and get sad 😔
But I did not feel sad when he was alive
When I think about him I get very emotional sad .
He was only 65yrs old .
Why am I feeling this way?
The reason I filed for divorce he was a hard person to live with , some how controlling etc…
Is it Normal for me to feel Sad 😢 when someone mention his name ?

Re: It has been 3 months

I think it is normal. Plus 33 years is a long time to be with someone. Maybe you miss how it could’ve been if he’d been different. It’s okay. Feelings aren’t right or wrong - they just are.

Re: It has been 3 months

Hi Toni
Thank you for replying
And I also did not see, talked to him for the last 2 years even though at times he was texting me telling that he was very sick and I did not believed him or respond to it.

I was there at the hospital till the end of his life when he got admitted in the hospital :((

Wishing you a Healthy and Happy New Year 🙏

Re: It has been 3 months

It is understandable why you did not believe him. Because he had been so hard to live with and controlling, it probably seemed like he was using that as an excuse. I think it was kind that you even went to the hospital. You are a strong woman. Happy New Year to you also!