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How do you deal with the erratic emotions that come out of nowhere

Hi Everyone,

I have been divorced from my ex husband since April of Last year. I don’t understand why I am still confused as to why I am crying and want him back then don’t want him back. We were married for 27 years have four children together. He was in and out of prison and I took care of the children basically myself. When he did come home he would be out cheating so now that I have put my foot down and divorced him. He makes me feel bad, telling me that it’s my fault because the children don’t respect him and it’s my fault. I try to tell him that he did that by going to prison and cheating the children seen all this. We argued so much about this. He would tell me that I didn’t love him and put him first. I know I did the right thing but I keep finding myself talking to him because he is always calling one of the children begging them to have me call him. Most of the time it results in a huge argument. He is currently with some one or many other women but yet he tells me he wants to come home and he loves me he would drop those women. He said that he learned that he can’t be alone and that he have abandonment issues so he needs to be with someone so he don’t feel like he is abandoned. I am like telling myself girl please. How do you stop talking to him and how do I get him off my minds and out of my heart. Please help…

Re: How do you deal with the erratic emotions that come out of nowhere

You are a strong woman. Set a timer when you do talk to him and limit his conversation. Don’t engage in his nonsense. The reason you occasionally want him back is because of those sneaky “good” memories. Make a list of why you don’t want him back and refer to that list when you get pulled emotionally by the past. It’s okay to cry. Remember that - You Deserve Better!

Re: How do you deal with the erratic emotions that come out of nowhere

He doesn’t deserve you

Please don’t forget that