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Re: How to leave house

Hi all,

Just need some advice. Married 21 years and planning on leaving. Have had thoughts of leaving for many years however fear has always held me back.

Anyway. I am looking for a rental and when I do find one I'm out...the thing is how do I move stuff so quickly furniture, etc without the emotions. I just need to know how others have left then organised thr belongings too.

Feeling very stressed.
I’ve arranged for him not to be there when I got my stuff. It’s much more civil that way. I still have to go back for more furniture in a few weeks but just ask that he respects your decision and it’s best for both of you if he isn’t there while you get your stuff. If I were you though, I’d make sure you grab your legal documents you may need right away.

Re: How to leave house

To add to my last post.. I left the house with literally a duffel bag. I bought a blow up mattress and slept on that for a while before I arranged to get my things. Best of luck to you, it’s surreal when the moment happens but I don’t regret it one bit, and hopefully you’ll find your peace too.

Re: How to leave house

Thanks Helena

Very strong person you are. Good on you very inspiring.
Did it all go well when you went back to the house to collect the rest of your belongings. Bit challenging as I have 2 teenage kids, thinking of them too how it will all plan out.

Re: How to leave house

I went to the local women’s shelter. They helped me get a mover. I arranged everything months ahead. Got all documents copied. Every thing. List of everything in house. Photos of everything in house. Got a place in a new city. Movers packed everything when spouse was at work and i left.

Re: How to leave house

It is so stressful. I got a local Air B and B and went there first so I didn’t have the hassle of needing to rent somewhere and him find out, and also set up utility bills in my own name and place. It was all too overwhelming. So I booked an Air B n B to go to straight after I told him, and I stayed unit for a month while I got a rental sorted and paperwork filed with an attorney. This way you can go back and get furniture when you are ready and feeling less overwhelmed. Do it in stages if you need to and ask him not to be there. Just get yourself somewhere ti stay that is safe.