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Divorced a narcissist and trying to regain inner peace

I've been divorced almost 2 years. That man drug me through the ringer in so many ways. Now my life is calm. I can finally sleep at night. But I find myself struggling with accepting peace in my life. My life was turmoil for so many years. I see myself looking for drama or causing issues because I'm so use to the chaos. I'm finally realizing I've lost good relationships because I couldn't stay still. I was so use to chaos.
But I need to accept that I have a good peaceful life now.
Any advice?
Please help me count my blessings and just embrace the love of friends and supporters in my NEW life!

Re: Divorced a narcissist and trying to regain inner peace

I can empathize with your situation. I recently was blindsided by my husbands chronic lying and new infidelity which after 8 months of separation is leading to divorce. I have been driven by drama my whole life which is probably why I married him, he is completely extreme in all areas of life. The concept of peace is unfamiliar even though it is what I need. Eventually I gravitated toward peaceful experiences and had to retrain my mind to change my reactions to drama. It’s ok to feel sad and scared and your feelings are not right or wrong. In time know the feelings will pass. It’s the thoughts related to the feelings that causes me trouble. I am slowly healing With my faith in God, psycho therapy and attending meetings with the support group adult children of alcoholic and dysfunctional families (ACOA.org, is website and meetings are 24 hr/7 days/week-online, phone or in person ) Best wishes and keep looking forward, you will get through this! Reach out to others who can love and understand you without judgement!

Re: Divorced a narcissist and trying to regain inner peace

I just wrote a long reply to a male on here otherwise I would again i wanted to tell him he should be proud of the man he is.Im currently in appeal with a narcissist I've been with since age 12 now 58

I just didn't find the word until 2020 I can't believe what they are capable of i don't know if i will ever get over it. I live in a rural town i go to therapy but not the right kind since it's not listed in the mental codes.

I suffer from narcissist emotional abuse wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy not even him that's hard

Re: Divorced a narcissist and trying to regain inner peace

I am dealing with a narcissist. unfortunately for me you it is true "you never divorce a narcissist". We share our kids time and me makes my life vey difficult. In and out of court post divorce 7 years now. I find moments of peace and enjoy them while they last.