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The only way around it is rules sadly.

The only way youl ever get any peace of mind ( yet there’s only so much you can control healthily)
Is to literally treat them like children and have rules.
You need to set rules otherwise if you continue the relationship.. it will literally break you, your soul and spirit.
3 years now.. and my partner claims he’s… stopped!!!
I mean I still don’t no whether to take that seriously or laugh because from what I’ve read.. this s*** is highly incurable.
I had every angle of my life change when I was faced with a porn addict.
Literally everything becomes more harder than what life used to be.
Once you know and are clued up on such things, it never leaves you.. no matter how relaxed you become or.. try to become.
This stuff is anxiety central.. times 100!
I’m not the same person again, but maybe some of my ideas from what we chose to do( both agreed on) may help others?
Call it keeping tabs whatever… but tell me then how does a woman deal with this crap? Like really?.. so that’s it .. rules.
One massive thing we all know .. is they get their kicks off the internet.. our mobile phones are sadly in my opinion mini portable tvs for porn ***.
In the end you just see it black and white.
So.. how I got around this was… a dummy big standard non internet phone.
Yep back to the old Nokias etc…
That has helped massively with my daily anxiety because even going to the loo or washing my hair gave me awful anxiety as it doesn’t take long to take sneaky peaks..as we all have learned by now.
They actually plan their *****
Still can’t believe I’m writing this…saying this…
The biggest and actually funniest thing ever was how my partner got found out…
Like you wouldn’t believe…..
Fit bit watches!
Great Christmas present and all evidence stored how many “steps” he did on one day just watching the telly! Yep.. a massive 5000 steps!!!
I mean the face when I put that to him…
Lots of… cleaning came to mind!
But it’s genius because it literally stores how many steps ( strokes of the hand) your man does and they don’t even realise this!
The best thing to do is what I did.. keep quiet.
Knowledge is power right?
You end up getting the gist of their ugly patterns and ******* ways of life.
Many argue.. leave your man alone, let him let off steam if he wants, this is what men do… it’s ethical and natural blah blah blah
I think by now we’ve worked out the whole reason with being on here is because what it does to US isn’t natural.. and we wouldn’t be on here if it wasn’t a massive problem.
This **** is great for single men.. if anything this is the audience it should be aimed at!!! How it got to being ok whilst dating a woman still baffles me, it’s like we are literally made to turn the other way or a blind eye to this tiresome ongoing crap and keep it being acceptable.
Just imagine their stress levels, insecurity.. rising should ever the shoe be on the other foot..
Sorry not tonight love.. I’ve just ****** off to hunky well endowed men..
Sorry girls night out and paying a visit with our joint savings to the chipendales..
In all honesty this is exactly what I mean… it’s just not bloody nice, I don’t care how much Soceity keeps sugar costing this.. it’s bloody evil.