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What is it with men

This i just dont get. Have 2 adult boys. Marriage was abusive. Am trying to start over. Trust is very fragile.

But why oh why do men feel the need to lie? Like seriously. Why.

Trying to put myself “out there” and begin again. Havent dated in almost 30yrs. Havent been kissed in over 3 years. Dont even remember the last time i had sex.

And the first guy i decide to talk to on a kind of date lies to me.

Do i just give up?

I mean there are 4 billion men in the world. They cant all be liars can they?


Re: What is it with men

Don’t go on “dates”. Make it friends getting together for coffee, a walk, whatever… A “date” implies romance & of course each person wants to be seen in their best light. Friendship is more about sharing, talking & not so much trying to impress each other. It’s also less disappointing if they lie and you can have as many male friends as you want until you truly feel you’ve met someone that meets your dating criteria.

Re: What is it with men

It is easy to be turned off when theyre all behaving the same.
Use your energy on you and redirect your focus to fulfilling yourself, because with or without a man, you've only got you to lean on. Relying on a man to fill that void for that one other person to share and fill our cups, is lovely if you can find the right one for you, but what if he lets us down... we need to pick ourselves up, so back to relying on strong selves which we;ve set a strong foundation up when we focused on us ourselves.

My ex husband is a gambler and an abuser, he's not a good role model to my young boys and I always say 'whats better, no dad or a bad dad' so I say to you 'whats better for you, a headache with potential toxic charmers or peace and love for yourself that is so strong and stable to not allow anyone to knock you off your foundation'?