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Mental torture to get rid off

saying things like this is biggest mistake he made getting married to a person like me .I did every thing to keep him and his family happy .It seems they were all planned not to be happy and put blames and deserted finally after about 8 month of marriage. IT Was a marriage in which a person knows me since 3 years and what are my way and dreams of life .Just after marriage he started breaking all my dreams and way of living seems he know this will compell me to leave the marriage. I don't know what was reason for this betrayal. BUT OFCURSE like any other girl I was shocked what happens to my life .I never felt so lonely helpless and trapped before. he is not saying to even provide divorce. It seems it's in his men ego he want me to live life like this hell .He want to show me like he being a man can start and live another life again and You being a women need not to take even divorce and live this deserted life for rest of my life . I am not able to get out of this hellish life .sometimes suicidal thoughts haunt me and this loneliness scratches my heart all time .

Re: Mental torture to get rid off

I’m really sorry to hear you feel like your husband is breaking your dreams and going against what you said for 3 years. It sounds like to me he thought marrying you meant he could control you so for the 3 years he wasn’t married he was acting one way, then once you got married he showed his true colors.

It may not seem like it now, but it’s better this way. You don’t want it to be 13 years instead of 3 that this happens to you. He is not reliable or trustworthy and obviously doesn’t care about your dreams so you don’t need him.

Follow your dreams and leave him behind. Much love💚