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Yesterday I spent the day in court supporting my soon to be ex husband in a court battle with his first wife. She is evil, their relationship is toxic and one of the major problems in our marriage. She expects me to pay her share for their kids and cries about being a single mother despite the kids being with us 15 days a month, same as her. Despite her boyfriend living with her the same amount of time we were together. Despite me working 2 jobs after being widowed with 3 kids and actually being a single mom while she works only a few hours a week. I don’t want to be part of their toxic **** any more but I still feel bad for him because of what she puts him through so I went, sat there and supported him. I really need to stop trying to “help him” when it’s not in my power and his brokenness is why we are divorcing. How do you emotionally separate when you are separated?