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Alienation of affection/Sexual Assult/Cheating

I've read a dozen times the Alienation of affection thing and I get so fogged reading it. I'm one of those states.

Can someone please explain it to me?

I'm also a victim of sexual assult.
He sent a man into my room to have sex with me 4 years ago and last February he got me drunk , pinned me down against my will so a woman could perform oral sex on me against my will.

He'd force me to watch him get BJ's from other women. The last time this happened was last February. We never had sex again. I was broke. Shattered.

I'm also one of those states that cheating is illegal.

He left me, took my kids, cut me off financially. I've been through so much trauma. I want to take him to the ground. I know it sounds horrible but I will suffer and never trust anyone the way they would deservers again.

I cant eat, I cant leave my house.
It's not that I'm depressed, I'm scared. I've got so much trauma.

Please help me!
When I tried to press charges they say because of my PTSD I struggle to articulate.
The sexual asult, they want me to press charges against the other man, not my husband.

The woman, it happened in Jamaica. I don't know how to press charges here in the states.